Audit and Assurance Services

Our professional values such as integrity, transparency, independence and continuous professional training are key ingredients for providing high quality audit services.

Our audit methodology is based on risk analysis for each audited entity, so that we do not focus solely on auditing its accounting records.

Consulting Services

We can provide customized proposals and solutions to our customers.

Utilizing the many years of experience of our People, we analyze the operating environment and the emergency needs of our customers, to help them grow their business and streamline their internal operations and corporate needs.

We can undertake any possible merger or acquisition, either as consultants or as auditors in order to reach the right result…

RRF and Development Investments

We have extensive experience in both preparing and auditing investment projects under the Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF). We have the ability to cover the full range of required consulting services, such as banking negotiations, business analysis and feasibility report.

We use our expertise and technical capabilities to support our customers to…

Internal Audit & Risk Management Services

Our people, during their long experience, have learned to identify and deal with potential risks either within a company or in the general economic environment. In the context of the inherent risk, we can propose specific procedures in order to correct existing problems and avoid future problems before they are formed.

For this purpose, our services concern…

Tax and other financial services

Our experienced team of tax advisors provides a set of specialized services to help our clients respond to the extremely challenging business environment.

Through our deep knowledge of Greek and International Tax Legislation, we are able to provide the following range of services…

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