Audit and Assurance Services

Audit and Assurance Services

Our professional values such as integrity, transparency, independence and continuous professional training are key ingredients for providing high quality audit services.

Our audit methodology is based on risk analysis for each audited entity, so that we do not focus solely on auditing its accounting records. Analytically:

  • We understand the function and individual characteristics of the audited entities in order to carry out our work by applying appropriate control procedures in the defined risk areas.

  • With the cooperation of the Management and its executives, we set audit schedules tailored to the company’s activities, minimizing any disruption to the daily life of the entity.

  • Based on our understanding of the business function and scope of each entity, we contribute to solving problematic issues.

Our audit procedures are carried out using special audit and sampling programs, which are updated by the latest versions of International Auditing Standards.

We are committed to meeting an International Audit Quality benchmark to provide the highest standards of professionalism and client service.

The Audit and Assurance Services include

  • Audit and Review respectively of Annual and Interim Financial Statements (individual & consolidated), certifying the compliance of the audited company with the requirements of IFRS or IAS.

  • Audit of Financial Statements for Tax Compliance Purposes (Tax Certificate).

  • Internal audit of companies.

  • Forensic audit.

  • Non-statutory audits.

  • Audits in accordance with the institutional framework for the establishment of private investment aid schemes for the regional and economic development of Greece (development laws).

  • Audit of expenditures of European Programs.

Our company, as a member of IECnet (Forum of Firms), has direct access to international professional and supervisory organizations.

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